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The Ignition Group Will Exhibit and Present at the NADP Converge 2017 Conference in Atlanta

Posted by Susan Donegan on Wed, Aug 30, 2017 @ 10:17 AM

MIAMI, August 30, 2017 – The Ignition Group will be participating in the National Association of Dental Plans CONVERGE 2017 conference in Atlanta, GA Sept. 25- 28th.

On Tuesday, 9/26, The Ignition Group team will demonstrate NetMinder’s features to show users how to expand and support their existing accessibility reporting to make their network stand out for small and medium-sized opportunities. The demo, Complement Your Accessibility Reporting with NetMinder, will focus on evaluating network access for multiple networks and comparing and contrasting choice and access.

Aaron Groffman, president of the healthcare consulting company, will be a featured speaker at the event on Wednesday, 9/27. Aaron’s breakout session, "Are there any dentists left to recruit?", will explore the high overlap between dental PPO networks, and the immediate growth offered by leased networks. NADP attendees will learn about the degree of dental network overlap and the impact it has on the competitiveness of their own networks. As part of the presentation, Aaron will look at how much growth potential exists for leased networks, and how to identify and prioritize prospective network dentists.

Aaron founded The Ignition Group in 2004. He is an industry veteran, educated at Wharton and the University of Miami, who ran marketing and competitive intelligence functions and built networks for divisions of Cigna and UnitedHealthGroup.

The Ignition Group team is looking forward to interacting with over 400 expected attendees at this year’s NADP Converge, the premier professional development event for the dental benefits industry.

About The Ignition Group

The Ignition Group, the healthcare consulting company that powers NetMinder, has been analyzing and interpreting competitive provider data since 2004. NetMinder provides more than 100,000 reports to more than 3,000 users every year. NetMinder delivers industry-leading network comparison data to make brokers and insurance sales teams more effective and recruiters more efficient. The Ignition Group’s executive team has decades of experience in the health insurance industry and regularly analyzes data to identify industry issues and trends, sharing their findings in blog posts, whitepapers, and webinars.

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