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NetMinder Subscribers Run 100,000 Reports in 2016

Posted by Laura McMullen on Wed, Jan 04, 2017 @ 10:58 AM

MIAMI, January 4, 2017 – NetMinder, the leading provider network comparison tool powered by The Ignition Group, logged more than 100,000 reports in 2016. The reports helped users compare provider networks to win new business, retain existing clients, and fill gaps in their networks. 

Fall Update Shows Increase in ECPs and Other Medical Professionals

The fall update of dental, vision, medical, and behavioral health provider networks was completed in November. The number of eye care providers participating in networks increased 8% over the spring dataset. We also saw a 3% growth rate for other medical professionals, including nurses, therapists, and behavioral health providers.  

growth.jpgThe fall update includes data on: 

  • 839,500 doctors 
  • 208,000 dentists 
  • 63,000 eye care professionals 
  • 819,000 other medical professionals (e.g. nurses, therapists) 

NetMinder’s comprehensive network comparison data is updated twice a year, which entails collecting provider information from more than 425 networks nationally, validating the data accuracy with a comprehensive audit process, standardizing the data, and matching provider records across networks with a proprietary multi-step recursive algorithm. This data is delivered to clients through easy-to-use, powerful reporting tools to help recruit more providers, close more deals, and retain more clients. 

About The Ignition Group 

The Ignition Group, the healthcare consulting company that powers NetMinder, has been analyzing and interpreting competitive provider data since 2004. NetMinder provides more than 100,000 reports to more than 3,000 users every year. NetMinder delivers industry-leading network comparison data to make brokers and insurance sales teams more effective and recruiters more efficient. The Ignition Group’s executive team has decades of experience in the health insurance industry and regularly analyzes data to identify industry issues and trends, sharing their findings in blog posts, white papers, and webinars.

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