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NetMinder News

Zelis Healthcare Announces Acquisition of NetMinder

The Ignition Group Will Exhibit and Present at the NADP Converge 2017 Conference in Atlanta

NetMinder Update Shows Large Increase in Doctors and More Modest Increase in Dentists While ECP Counts Contracted

Groffman Discusses Dental and Vision Networks at GUAA

NetMinder’s Aaron Groffman Talks About How to Complement Your Accessibility Reporting

NetMinder Subscribers Run 100,000 Reports in 2016

Expanded Network Summary Report Shows Network Strength

NADP Converge 2016 Hosts Speaker Aaron Groffman from The Ignition Group

The Ignition Group’s Aaron Groffman Speaks at NADP CONVERGE 2016

NetMinder Provides Data On Over 2.8 Million Healthcare Providers

NetMinder Adds Provider Lookup to Suite of Network Comparison Tools

NetMinder’s Groffman Discusses Tiered and Narrow Dental Network Trends

Demand for Provider Network Data Increased 13% Over Spring 2015

Aaron Groffman from the Ignition Group Spoke at NADP Converge 2015

Darrin Hall Nominated for 2015 NADP Gabryl Award for Leadership and Contributions to Research Commission

The Ignition Group Participates in the 2015 NADP Webinar Series

NetMinder Spring 2015 Data Update Released

NetMinder Attends Specialty Health Summit in Vegas May 5-7

The Ignition Group's Aaron Groffman Quoted on Investopedia

NetMinder sponsored 2014 New York Health Plan Association conference in Albany, NY

NetMinder Fall 2014 Data Update Released

The Ignition Group’s Aaron Groffman Speaks at NADP Converge 2014

Groffman Discusses Dental Networks On and Off Healthcare Exchanges Since ACA

NetMinder Spring 2014 Data Update Released

The Ignition Group Participates in the 2014 NADP Webinar Series

NetMinder Webinar Series Reveals Insurance Industry Trends

Susan Donegan Joins The Ignition Group

NetMinder Fall 2013 Data Update Released

The Ignition Group’s Aaron Groffman Speaks at NADP CONVERGE 2013

Darrin Hall Joins The Ignition Group

NetMinder Spring 2013 Data Update Released





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