All data is not alike, and healthcare data is particularly complex. Many companies can gather and display network data, but transforming it into strategic knowledge is more challenging.

The Ignition Group, the healthcare consulting company that powers NetMinder, has been analyzing and interpreting competitive provider data since 2004. NetMinder’s executive team has decades of experience in the industry, so we do more than cataloguing and counting provider addresses. Today we provide more than 80,000 reports to more than 4,000 users every year. We identify industry issues and trends, and address them within NetMinder’s reports and in blog posts, white papers and other valuable content.

Aaron Groffman


Aaron Groffman started the Ignition Group, the healthcare consulting company that powers NetMinder, in 2004. Aaron is an industry veteran, educated at Wharton and the University of Miami, who ran marketing and competitive intelligence functions and built networks for divisions of Cigna and UnitedHealthGroup. He understands the needs of health plans, sales professionals, and network recruiters for accurate, accessible and cost-effective competitive knowledge. Aaron built NetMinder to meet these needs, and continues to improve it each year based on industry insights from users.

Laura McMullen

laura kravet mcmullen, director,
product management

Laura McMullen joined the Ignition Group with significant experience in diverse aspects of the healthcare industry. She has provided marketing and communications expertise at Cigna Dental, National Healing Corporation and the University of Miami Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. As Director of Product Management, she draws on her industry knowledge to introduce product innovations based on user needs. Educated at Nova Southeastern University and the University of Florida, Laura currently serves on the Education Commission for the National Association of Dental Plans, keeping her ear to the industry’s trends and needs.

John Clerie

john clerie, director,
data acquisition & management

John Clerie directs the acquisition, audit, and import of all provider data for NetMinder. To John, data is the power that guides strategy. He continuously improves processes for acquiring, cleansing, and managing competitive data; he also assists in the development and implementation of new products and features. Educated at the University of Connecticut, John’s developed his special knowledge of healthcare provider network data, strategic planning, data acquisition, and data cleansing in nearly a decade managing these functions at Cigna.

 Jim McMullen

jim mcmullen, web application engineer & architect

Jim McMullen is the lead application architect and developer for NetMinder. Jim manages multiple layers of the application, along with the development of new features, enhancements and the evolution of the user interface. Educated at the University of Florida and Vanderbilt University, Jim brings a robust background in information technology and web application project management from his work at Magellan Management. Jim never tires of learning new technologies and techniques in the IT environment. 

 Darrin Hall

darrin hall, product architect

Darrin Hall brings significant dental health insurance industry experience to the Ignition Group. In 20+ years with Cigna Dental and Oral Health Services, Darrin enjoyed the opportunity to work in a variety of roles encompassing nearly every functional area of the industry. Darrin was educated at the University of Miami and broadened his industry knowledge by serving as the chair of the research commission for the National Association of Dental Plans from 2009 to 2013. Darrin now brings this diverse experience to the development of product features and advancements for NetMinder.



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