NetMinder delivers industry leading network comparison tools that make your sales force more effective and your recruiters more efficient. Easily shared reports that run in seconds, same day addition of new competitors, and super-flexible analyses help you capture real opportunities. Because when you know more, you’ll recruit more providers, close more deals, and retain more clients.

Thorough data collection

network data

Turning raw information to actionable intelligence begins with data collection. We collect publicly available provider data. Sure, it's not that difficult to search an online provider directory to see a few records or maybe even a county or two. But what if you want a whole state, region or the entire country? This is what we excel at. Not only is our data collection quick and efficient, we thoroughly audit the data to make sure it's complete. The bottom line is, if we can't deliver the data you need, we don't get paid.
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clean data

Squeaky clean data cleaning and matching

Once we acquire the provider data, we scrub it to ensure all of the information is in a standard format. Why? Because a small variation in a name, address or phone number can cause a mismatch or a duplicate record, which we avoid at all costs. Then we carefully map provider specialty designations into our standard categories. Finally, we employ our proprietary NetMinder Matching Algorithm to match providers with each of their affiliated networks.
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data collection

powerful reporting tools

Now you can access clean, accurately matched provider data with our easy-to-use, powerful reporting tools

  • Run a network summary to get a quick read on how networks stack up in a particular area. View Image
  • Switch to a network overlap report to compare networks side-by-side; which providers are unique to each network and which are shared. View Image
  • Run a provider detail report to generate lists of individual providers and their network affiliations - a great tool for recruiting new providers. View Image
  • And when you need to find a needle in a haystack, do a provider search by name, address or phone number to zero in on your target. View Image

We don’t limit the number of competitors, specialties, or geographic areas you can include in your reports.

Want to compare 9 networks side-by-side? Go ahead. Need to analyze 6 separate surgery sub-specialties? Yes, you can. Sales team requires 24 custom territories for their comparisons? No sweat. Best of all, every report is available by access points, unique providers, or unique locations. Because the last thing you want to do is compare apples, oranges and pears. 



With netminder, you’ll get results.