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Sixth Anniversary of Affordable Care Act

Posted by Laura McMullen on Fri, Apr 01, 2016

We just passed the sixth anniversary of the Affordable Care Act’s passage and many media outlets have been reflecting on the progress or lack thereof. This post, Repealed or Repaired, on The Health Care Blog by Paul Keckley, author of The Keckley Report, offers a good summary of how we got here, what we’ve learned, and predictions about what’s coming next.

Some highlights:

  • “The law has fundamentally changed the structure of the healthcare industry across the board.” Providers are taking risk through value-based contracting. Insurers are merging. Venture capitalists are betting on efficiency and innovation. Employers are shifting cost to employees and offering benefits through exchanges.
  • “States must play a key role in implementing health reforms.” Health reform in New York State is different from Florida even though both are large states with significant urban populations. Likewise, Iowa and Arkansas are equally different even though both are smaller rural states.
  • “The likelihood of repeal is low; the inevitable is its repair.” Methodologies for defining and measuring value of care are needed. Clarification of antitrust rules around provider consolidation is also needed. Other needs include liability reform and “adequate funding for preventive and primary care that’s inclusive of mental health, dentistry, ophthalmic care, and nutrition, and others.”

Do you have any predictions for what the ACA of the future will look like?

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