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Six Synergies That Make Selling Dental and Vision Plans Together Smart

Posted by Susan Donegan on Wed, Jul 19, 2017

Beyond their similar relationship to medical plans, dental and vision plans have several other synergies.

The same components are evaluated during the dental and vision benefits sales processes: benefit, price, and network. Both products have defined benefit structures that can be compared on specific points. Rates are presented in tiers based on job classifications and number of people covered. Networks are less complex than medical plans and specific tools and processes have evolved to compare apples to apples.

The same network analysis tools can be used for both products to differentiate between networks. The sales process requires size comparisons, accessibility measurements, overlap/disruption analysis, and sometimes re-pricing analysis. network analysis pyramid.jpg

Beyond the departments that all companies have such as IT and facilities management, dental and vision plans can share functions like pricing, sales, marketing, and underwriting. Many multiline carriers have shared sales forces that use a single point-of-contact as a selling advantage. There are also departments that perform similar functions like recruiting and credentialing, where process synergies can come into play.

And, distribution strategies, like whether or not to be on an exchange, broker marketing strategies, and voluntary/worksite programs, since both products are voluntary-friendly, can be leveraged across both lines of business.

Download our whitepaper,  Exploring How Dental and Vision Work Together to learn more about the synergies that help the dental and vision insurance markets work together. 

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