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Including employee census data in your network analyses

Posted by Laura McMullen on Thu, Jan 15, 2015

Employee censuses are the heart of the group insurance business. Sales and underwriting teams use them during the sales process, enrollment portal credentials are established using them, and billing and eligibility files are subsets of these lists. Another common use is network accessibility analyses to determine how many providers are within a standard distance.

To take accessibility analyses a little farther, consider including NetMinder reports in the underwriting process to see where you have network advantages and disadvantages for a specific employee population. When you are a finalist for a group, there’s usually only one or two other competitors to evaluate. For some cases though, it’s worth it to compare to a larger group of competitors early in the process to give your team the best possible chance of winning.

To make this analysis easier, we recently added the capability to run NetMinder reports using your client’s employee census to select the geographic area you want to analyze.

Upload your file using the UPLOAD CUSTOM CENSUS option in the geographic scope selection box and make the rest of your choices as usual to get started.









Using custom census geographies has these benefits:

  • Your network comparison will include all of your client’s key areas and match up easily with other analyses.
  • All of the ZIP codes in the file will be included in your report – even if they are not all in the same state.
  • You can use custom census geographies with any NetMinder report – summary or detail. The report will return counts or details for the networks and specialties you select in the counties that contain the ZIP codes in the census file. For example, if 33433 and 33313 are in your census, the report will show Florida as the state and results in Palm Beach and Broward counties.

How do you match employee censuses with competitive network data?

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