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New Whitepaper Clears Up Changing Vision Market

Posted by Aaron Groffman on Mon, Jul 01, 2013

Clearing up the Vision Market white paperVision insurers, medical insurers and insurance brokers will have a significant opportunity in the coming years as the growing market and changing make-up of vision care delivery impact vision care plans.

Vision care products and services are delivered at more than 47,000 U.S. optical locations, ranging from sole practitioners to mass merchandisers.  The market includes independent eye care professionals (ECPs) and retail chains. Market share indicators and loyalty metrics, such as the Net Promoter Score, show that consumers prefer ECPs for exams, but they more often choose retail chains for frames, lenses and contacts.

It’s clear from consumer purchasing preferences that managed vision care plans will need to include a combination of ECPs and retail chains in their provider networks to service the preventive and routine vision care needs of their clients.  The question is: what’s the right balance? 

To answer this question for your company, you first need accurate provider network data. Gathering and maintaining this information on your own can be expensive, time consuming, and subject to inaccuracy. The good news is we can help. Tracking more than 250 networks from national, regional and local vision, medical, dental, and behavioral plans across the country, NetMinder gives payers, brokers and consultants an objective, consistent, validated source of provider network data to use as they guide their customers in making smart employee benefit decisions.  

Download our new whitepaper, Clearing Up The Vision Market, to learn more about how the vision market is changing and what these changes mean for your company.

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