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What Gets Measured Gets Managed - Adds and Drops

Expanding Your Vision Network With Online Retailers

Gauging the Productivity of Your Network Development Activities

Healthcare Mergers On the Rise in 2018

Do We Count Access Points or Unique Providers?

Synergies Helping the Dental and Vision Insurance Markets Work Together

How Does the Narrow Network Trend Play Out in Behavioral Health Networks?

Four Ways to Improve Your Provider Directory’s Accuracy

NetMinder Shows the Maximum and Compares Your Network to the Competition

The Fine Line Between Differentiation and Disruption

Kaiser Permanente Hires Harvard Professor to Lead Medical School

If You Think All Provider Networks Are Basically The Same, Think Again

Superior Vision and Davis Vision to Merge

4 Ways to Measure Network Strength

The Provider Directory is a Valuable Marketing Tool

Minimize Disruption by Maximizing Overlap

Studying the Accuracy of Provider Directories

Six Synergies That Make Selling Dental and Vision Plans Together Smart

The Best Solutions to High Healthcare Costs Are Local

NetMinder's Data Brings Intelligence to Recruiting

Insurers and ACA Marketplaces Over Time

Which Counting Method Should You Choose?

Measuring the Performance of the US Health System

Network Analysis with Disruption Reporting

The Role of Repricing Analysis

What Gets Measured Gets Managed - Net Change and Total Change

Healthcare Jobs Continue To Be The Best Jobs

A Peek At Dental and Vision Network Trends

Retail Chains In Vision Networks

Growth Trends Continue in Vision Networks

CO-OPs and Integrated Health Care Delivery Systems Exiting Insurance Market

Extending Your Reach with Telehealth Services

Which Specialties Are Most Important to Your Network?

Open Enrollment 2017 Opens This Week Amid Rate Hikes and Fewer Plan Options

Dental PPO Network Growth Rate Down While Locations Per Provider Increased Significantly

Accurate Provider Directories Make Network Comparisons Easier and More Compelling

CMS Efforts to Ensure Network Adequacy and Alter Risk-Adjustment Payments

Operational Adjustments in the Health Care Marketplaces as Plans Leave the Exchanges

Rising Health Plan Rates, Health Plan Consolidation and Competition on the Exchanges

The Role of Technology in Expanding Vision Tests

New Plans Being Added While Existing Plans Are Coming Off the Exchanges

More Psychiatrists Needed

10 Key Data Points for Conclusive Network Comparisons

Carrier Offerings on the Exchanges and Employer Preferences in the Commercial Group Market

Dental Care and America Have Come a Long Way – Happy 4th of July!

Voluntary Ancillary Growth is a By-Product of ACA

What Does Healthcare Really Cost?

ACA Impact on Employer Plans, Challenges Facing Public Exchanges, and Premium Increases in 2017.

Private Exchanges and Voluntary Benefits Grow Together

CMS Targets Special Enrollments, Quality Star Ratings, and Provider Network Inaccuracies

Private Exchanges: High Interest and Slow Adoption

Impact of Health Plan Participation on the Exchanges

Private Exchanges Attract New Competitors

Sixth Anniversary of Affordable Care Act

State Based Exchanges Exploring Ways to Work Together and Gain Efficiencies

Estimating Network Disruption

High Hospital Costs Encourage New Entrants To Market

Industry Mergers Update and Changes to HIX Regulations for 2017

Gains and Losses in Medicaid and On the Healthcare Exchanges

Physician Assistants Are In Demand

Several States Seeking Changes to Insurance Exchanges For Next Year

Open Enrollment Coming to a Close

Claims Data Makes Provider Directories More Accurate


Mergers, Tiered Plans, Premium Costs, and Enrollment Numbers for the ACA in 2016

ACA Enrollment Deadline Extended, Changes for 2016, And the Senate Vote

HIX News: "Surge of Interest” as Open Enrollment Deadline for January 2016 Coverage Nears

HIX News: Ancillary Products, True Healthcare Expense, and Future Health Plan Participation

HIX News: The Directory Challenge, Carrier Profitability and Mergers, and New Tech

HIX News: Third Open Enrollment Season Opens Smoothly

HIX News: Premiums for Benchmark Plans are Increasing

CO-OPs: early casualties in the marketplace

4 Network Metrics to Help Make Your Network Stand out from the Crowd

Pros and Cons of Health Insurer Mergers for Employers

Discount networks benefit providers and consumers

Focusing on vision networks

Dentists participating in more networks than ever

TPAs move beyond claims and eligibility

The impact of integrated health care delivery systems is growing

CO-OPs: a new twist on traditional insurance?

How does network leasing work in health insurance?

Best jobs in the US are health care providers

Including employee census data in your network analyses

Flexible Geographic Groupings in NetMinder

5 Common Problems Encountered When Analyzing Provider Networks and How We Solve Them for Our Customers

Guest Blog: The Affordable Care Act Part 2 – What’s Ahead for Small Businesses?

Changing Supply and Demand for Eye Doctors

Guest Blog: The Affordable Care Act Part 1 – What’s Ahead for Large Businesses?

UnitedHealthcare Plans to Expand Exchange Presence

Five Best Practices to Find the Right Provider Network for Your Customers

Network Emerges as Key Differentiator in Health Insurance Purchasing Process

Five Best Practices to Use Network Data to Grow Your Business

Measuring Productivity and Activity in Provider Network Recruiting

How the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is Influencing Adult Dental Insurance Coverage

Narrow Networks Add Complexity to the Health Insurance Business

When Is a City Not a City?

NetMinder Snapshots and Reports: Something for Everyone

Guest Blog: How Will Affordable Care Act Affect Your Tax Bill?

All Provider Networks Are Not Created Equal

Which Provider Counting Method Do You Prefer?

NetMinder Data Reveals Dental PPO Network Trends

More Health Systems Becoming Payers

How Will ACA Affect Managed Vision Care Network Models?

New Whitepaper Clears Up Changing Vision Market

Are Independent Eye Care Professionals Getting Their Share Of Market Growth?

2 Keys for Growing Provider Networks

Should Medicare Patients Buy Vision Insurance?

3 Steps to Using Competitive Network Advantage to Win More Business

What Is the Best Job of 2013? Dentist!

Is the Health Insurance Company a Good Friend?

Join Me at World Congress!

Guest Blog: What Would Happen if Congress Taxes Health Benefits?

Overwhelmed by big data?

Heard About Your Customers May Already Be Using It.

Affordable Care Act Makes Strategic Benefits Advisors More Important Than Ever

As Dental PPO Penetration Increases, Is Market Saturation Near?

Is Growth of Dental PPO Networks Sustainable?

States Must Act Fast on Health Insurance Exchanges. Is There Enough Time?

Consumers Seek Real Data Online for Health Decisions

Prudential Exits Dental Benefits Market; Others to Follow?

Counting providers: roundtable generates interesting discussion

How benefits are bought has changed. Have you changed how you’re selling?

Exchanges Mean Insurers Must Market Directly To Consumers To Compete

Employers reaching out directly to providers to build networks.

With a few tweaks, ObamaCare might actually work.

No end in sight for rising costs.

This is what happens when the government manages healthcare...

CIGNA Dental announces that they now contract with 100,000 unique dentists nationwide.

I'm a big fan of pricing transparency, and this seems like a step in the right direction.

Will new database for out-of-network claims give more pricing leverage to providers? How about consumers?

Some interesting insights about vision benefits

Insurers Alter Their Sales Commission Structure, Partly to Help Meet Medical Loss Ratio Rules

Now there's even a website to help you comparison shop dental and vision plans

Outsourcing allows new players to quickly get into dental and vision

Is the dental HMO (DHMO) making a comeback?

OK, it's not the People's Choice Awards...

One option for managing through health care reform

The plot thickens: VA court decision sets stage for health reform Supreme Court battle

Consumer-Directed Plans Surge as Employers Try to Control Costs

New MetLife study relevant for ancillary benefits suppliers

Vision benefits role in health care reform

Physicians turn to online communications

From an insurance perspective, the teeth are not attached to the rest of the body

When you get conflicting advice

How do companies choose a dental plan?

Health overhaul hits sales commissions

Five Changes Health Plans Need to Make Now

Good case study of how health care providers can successfully use email with patients

Dental PPO networks keep growing

Impact of healthcare bill on small health and dental insurers.

Interesting thinking from an interesting perspective.

Employees don't always see the benefits of vision.

Just like Whack-A-Mole.

The cure for 2009 is 2010.

Benefits of Being a Dentist

How many dentists participate with dental PPO networks?





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