Sell your Network with Confidence

Zero in on your prospect’s hot buttons using our highly flexible comparisons. 
In seconds, you can:

  • Compare six types of surgeons at the zip code level,
  • Track the growth in physician assistants by county, or
  • Determine the percentage of primary care providers in an MSA.
Present your competitive position with confidence, knowing you can slice and dice the data any way you need to.
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recruit providers

Recruit Providers Effectively

Stop wasting money sending mail that gets returned – deliverability rate for NetMinder addresses is over 90%.

Stop wasting time attempting to visit dentists in locations where they don’t actually practice – our practicing locations flag uses real claims data to combat the growing problem of overstated directories.

NetMinder’s accuracy makes recruiters more efficient.
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Compete Successfully on the Exchanges

Selling to consumers is different from selling to employer groups because they value price and a narrow group of key providers versus maximizing access and minimizing disruption.

How does your network compare to the narrow and broad networks your competitors are offering?

NetMinder can help you find out.
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